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The risk of late sleep for sports health

Many athletes spend their time during the evening until early morning, where the athlete is busy with entertainment and play either in night cafes or on television or in some public parks, where he spends his time with little benefit and presents himself tired and tired until it became night day and night at night, Which resulted in a defect in his life in all its aspects, whether social, health or psychological, which was reflected in turn on the performance of the scientific and physical weakness of physical ability during the exercises or periodic competitions, so began the management of the clubs under the guidance of trainers and the medical equipment of sports teams the work of the Mask In order to ensure control of the sleep time of the players in the early hours, and forced them to eat meals dedicated to contain large quantities of carbohydrates to store the body and give it the necessary energy during the competition , In addition to the energy gained from the comfortable hours of sleep, which increases the performance of the player during the game and reduce the psychological and physical pressure, despite the opposition of some players to these camps, but it proved successful and effective in achieving the desired results.

The risk of late sleep

  • Fatigue and fatigue in the nerves and muscles and weakness in physical fitness.
  • Cerebral exhaustion, disorder in the brain’s blood perfusion, and lack of oxygen.
  • Dizziness, headache, anxiety and poor concentration due to hypoglycaemia and neuronal energy production.
  • General weakness, jaundice, lack of organ growth, musculoskeletal system, bone and muscle disorder, secretion of hormonal enzymes and poor absorption of nutrients.
  • Loss of appetite, chronic constipation and difficulty in digestion.
  • Weak physical immunity and exposure to infectious diseases such as colds, bronchitis and chronic diarrhea.
  • Increased weight and imbalance in the work of the colon, resulting in an increase in gases and disorder in the work of the digestive system.
  • Negative impact, physical exhaustion, poor sexual effort, respiratory problems, liver and pancreatic dysfunction.
  • High blood pressure and arterial tension.
  • Fatigue of the heart muscle and depletion of the potential of muscle fibers.
  • Anemia, malnutrition, weakness and debilitation.

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