The art of self-defense can be considered a contact sport. It involves two or more people practicing defensive and offensive moves that may be used in real life in case of harmful attacks.

There are many self-care schools. The schools vary in the type of self-defense they teach to students. There are many kinds of self-defense that originate from different countries. But it all has a common denominator of helping keep a healthy body and mind.

The more popular self-care sports are kung fu, karate, taekwondo, martial arts, and kenjutsu. These contact sports not only keep you fit and healthy always, it instills in your character several admirable traits like having a sense of responsibility, discipline, and hard work.

A student learns to be patient and persevering because training involves a long time. He needs to consistently practice if he wishes to excel in the sport and master the techniques.

Self-care is mainly used to have an upper hand when being attacked in public. We live in a dangerous world surrounded by criminals. But in the process, self-care also becomes an art. It involves learning several forms that when executed properly will bring effective results.

Kung Fu is known to be the best self-care in China. It has been part of the continuous tradition of martial arts in the country. There are lots of techniques and ideas about martial arts. The components are made out of the basics, applications forms, and weapons. Kung fu courses include a very unique training system that varies in the emphasis of every component.

Karate is a striking art that uses punching, kicking, and strikes of knees and elbows. This also includes an open-handed technique like ridge hands and knife hands. Thе рrасtіtіоnеr of Karate іѕ саllеd thе Kаrаtеkа. A lesser еxtеnt оf restraints, jоіnt lосk sand takedowns is likewise used. This is one self-defense that also promotes good health. It promotes coordination, balance, strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility. It allows the brain to have the alertness needed to respond to the actions of the fighter.

Taekwondo originated in South Korea but is being learned now all over the world. Unlike karate, taekwondo focuses on legs and feet movement. Punching is very minimal. People who study taekwondo are called jins. Jins have shapely legs as a result of many years of training. Training involves a lot of sparring and practice kicks.

Self-care is a surviving situation that involves the real risk that may cause physical harm. This requires first-hand knowledge. This involves a multitude of techniques. A person can only fight for himself and can only take care of himself. Anyone can learn the basic of self-defense. It is not limited to those who have the talent. The self-care has so many layers of the component that it compasses. It includes awareness, communication, negotiation, body language and many more.

The Kenjutsu was created in the 15th century in Japan. This was made for the use of the military. This is a swordsman practice. This technique is a collection of combat technique of various weapons. The practitioner is called the kenjutsuka.

The art of self-care develops the whole body, especially the arms and legs. It also develops one’s stamina and endurance. And more than having a great body, self-care promotes a better state of mind. People learn to concentrate and focus more, to filter unwanted thoughts and keep themselves optimistic always.

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