Decide on the right care for your baby is one of the greatest important choices you will make as a parent. It is a discouraging and often heartbreaking process. It’s helpful to have information before you look for someone who feels good enough to trust you with your most valuable asset: your baby. All childcare arrangements have advantages and disadvantages and, like everything else in life, none is beyond reproach. It will always be the ideal caregiver for your baby, but we live in a world in which many families need two incomes to survive, which requires seeking external attention to our children.

Otherwise, you should think about what to do for supportive care in these situations. The other difficult aspect of this arrangement may arise when you and your parents have a different parenting philosophy. It is important that you, your spouse and your child’s caregiver discuss what is most important to you and your spouse in terms of parenting. Safety is not usually a problem for this child cares arrangement, as long as the caregiver understands the limitations of the visitors. If you want your child to receive special care at home without a family member or close friend who cares for you, a nanny or private babysitter is another option. Especially during the first 12 to 24 months, children receive individualized care provided by an educated person who knows their development.

With a babysitter, your child can bond with a caregiver and be raised in the comfort of your home. This can be a costly option, but if you have more than one child, it is usually more profitable than daycare. You should also consider taxes for the employees of the house. With a babysitter, you will not have to worry about coverage when your child gets sick or leaves work for appointments. However, you will need a backup plan for times when your nanny is sick or needs a break as a member of your family. The most complicated area with a babysitter is probably security. Be sure to check the references and background of the person you plan to help as your child’s caregiver.

Daycare costs differ and it is important to know what is included in weekly registration, such as meals, snacks and enrichment activities. Be wary of higher prices in chain centers, because the extra costs are usually associated with higher overhead costs and not higher quality. Most daycares offer weekly rates based on how many days your child will attend. Some offer half-day programs, others complete one-day programs.

When visiting the center, consider the entrances to the facilities and their insurance. Could you enter or ring a bell to get someone’s attention? Make sure that the playgrounds are fenced and closed. The doors must not be locked (there is a risk of fire), but they must be secure so that nobody can enter or leave the playground easily. It will take time and research to find the right childcare system for your child and family. Many families combine two of these options to create one that works. Find the best option for your baby now and remember that your childcare needs will probably change as your child grows.

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