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Self Care – How to change your life for the better

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Change for the better in the life of the individual requires a set of interrelated things that are interconnected each other, such as the motives for change, any person is capable of change and has no motive or reasons for it, the failure will be an inevitable result, and failure.

Therefore, the decision to change in life is not only a bright slogan that is repeated in many tongues, and is called for by active groups. It is a life-style accompanied by a belief of my heart that aims to change for the better and to be close to God. And the progress, which seeks help and reconciliation from God Almighty first and last.

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 Know the importance of change

People often suffer depression and boredom from life and routine, and wish that the change in his life, and break all the constraints that hinder movement, but remains silent wondering how and when and why change, and can overcome the crises going through. Indeed, one’s will and strength of patience overcome all the circumstances and difficulties surrounding it, no matter how difficult it is, but it is the one who consecrates these difficulties to serve him, and benefits from them to be a motive and fertile ground for his experiences and experiences.

It is more beautiful to reorganize itself from time to time, to sit with it to see the weaknesses and stagnation, to criticize and strengthen them, to formulate long-term and long-term policies to save what can be saved, to get rid of stagnation and stagnation, and to begin with vitality and vigor armed with hope, happiness and optimism. With a promising future.

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Understand the motives and causes of change

One asks oneself why I have decided to change my life, and what is the motive behind the change, the successful change is based on the causes or problems or goals please achieve the payment for change and for these reasons:

To achieve self, excellence and success in life; and this is what each person seeks to have its value and weight and success among the people, the oldest work of the benefit of other people, the charity of the world and the Hereafter, he achieved himself and success in this world, and win the satisfaction of God and reward. And there is no contradiction between the success of the world and the success of the Hereafter. They both go in one way, and strive to renew the intention of God and benefit mankind from His works.

In order to solve the problems, the human is in trouble, making him standing still, not knowing what to do, and in which direction he is taking. Solving these problems is the change that constitutes the starting point.

To spend boredom; life needs constant change, to keep the ghost of boredom, if the daily habits in the home, for example, unchanged, and the meeting in the same way, and work in the same style, life has become only days repeated, overwhelmed by boredom, and suffered frustration and depression , It does not hurt the human that the most recent change, such as eating outside the house, or changing the status of furniture of the house, these things on the small but they have the greatest benefit in changing the human psyche for the better, and feel comfortable and active, and provide the human card to work happily.

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